Commitment: Enlight Ballroom teams are a 9-month commitment from September 2018-May 2019. There is an expectation of commitment to be on time and attend each class and to attend all competitions and performances. Enlight calendar events should be put on personal/home calendar. Please don’t schedule vacations or other events on top of the studio’s schedule. Parents should plan to accompany dancers to all competitions. If you or your student has a conflict with any event, you will notify your students coach as soon as possible.

Monthly Fees: Monthly tuition is due by the second class of each month. It can be paid during office hours or online through the parent portal. Accounts will be charged a $10 late fee for payments received after this date. If an account remains unpaid over 30 days, the dancer will be replaced in their routines by another student.

Costume Fees: A non-refundable costume fee will be due by the end of October. Costumes remain the property of Enlight Ballroom. Costume fees are the same for boys and girls, regardless of whether the dancer is an alternate or not.

Competition/Tour Fees: Team competition and tour fees will be applied to my account separately from tuition fees. These fees vary by competition and must be paid during the month the competition is held. Many competitions will also require the dancer to pay an entrance fee at the door.

Communication: Please communicate immediately any concerns with my student’s coach or company directors. (Financial, medical, class concerns, etc)

Volunteer: Parents are needed to volunteer to help with being a chaperone, bringing snacks to competitions or performances or helping with fundraisers or events. Please contact your students’ coach to help be a volunteer for their team.

Competition: If you are unable to attend a competition/tour with your student, you need to ensure he/she is sent with adequate money to purchase snacks and nutritious meals and has a place to stay.

Dress Code: Team members will adhere to the outlined dress code for each class rehearsal and will get all supplies needed for competitions and performances.

Email: Check email and read all correspondence from Enlight Ballroom. This includes texts from coaches, monthly newsletters and additional information about upcoming events.

Closed Rehearsals: All class rehearsals are closed rehearsals. No parents, guests or any other visitors are allowed to stay during class time.

Alternates: Your student may not be in all of the routines and may dance in an alternate position for some routines.

Policies for Class Behavior: Enlight Ballroom is a place to learn competitive ballroom dance. In order to create the best environment for learning we ask all Enlight Ballroom students to follow the policies below.

  1. Respect
    • Students and coaches are required to show respect for one another
    • No talking while coaches are talking
    • No insubordination
    • Hurtful language and behavior will not be tolerated from anyone
    • Students should come to class ready to learn physically and mentally
  2. Participation
    • Wear appropriate clothing including shoes
    • Students participate in warm ups
    • Arrive on time for class
    • Attend class
  3. Focus
    • Cellphones are not allowed on the dance floor
    • Food is not allowed in the dance rooms
    • No disruptive activites or objects are allowed in the dance rooms
  4. Studio Use
    • Students are not allowed to use studio space without a coach’s written approval. Students that are using the studio without permission will be charged to pay a floor fee of $15 per hour of use.
    • Coaches must get all studio use approved by owners

The above policies have been created to give students the best opportunity to achieve their dance goals while training with Enlight Ballroom. Students that fail to comply with the above policies will either have restricted access to training and team activities until they comply with policies or will be asked to leave the company.